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Sergi Bel

Partner & CEO

Marc Bel

Partner & CEO

Helena Romagosa

Key Account Manager

Mercè Blanes

Head of Production

Jessica Úbeda

Commercial & Product Department

Katerina Haluskova

Commercial & Product Department

David Batllo

Warehouse and Deliveries

Silvia Muñoz

Logistics and Handling

Jesus Martin

Ecommerce Programmer

Guillem Sala

Technical SEO & SEM

Helena Albert


Benson Huang

Asia Operations Manager

Patricia Canovas

Head of Administration & Finance

Andrea Llavero

Commercial & Product Department


Quality Control Manager Asia

Josep Antoni Vallbona

Production Coordinator

María Cajo

Digital marketing manager

Anna Clos

Graphic designer

Work with


We are continuously looking for talent and energy to join our project in any position, simply contact us with as much information as possible about your work experience.

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